7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Strategy is so important?

Email Marketing Strategy

The key to a business’s success lies in its efficient marketing. So whether you’re hustling to lure customers back during a global pandemic or developing your markets during normal business times, the question arises that how are you going to do it? What will be the best techniques? To your answer, email marketing is still the most promising way to grow a business. An efficient email marketing strategy works on three basic principles – adapt, grow, and innovate.

How to do email marketing? If this question strikes your mind, keep in mind that a powerful email marketing strategy is personal, targeted, and prepared with the customers’ objectives and objections in sense.

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What is an Email marketing strategy?

email marketing


Email marketing is the use of emails for marketing purposes. Many different kinds of paid email marketing tools and free email marketing tools are regularly used by marketers to carry out various email campaigns. For instance, Several retailers informed their customers that store associates were being paid during the preliminary COVID-19 shutdowns. These help to boost their business by demonstrating social responsibility. Also, tech giants like Amazon and Flipkart used emails to notify that they are delivering necessary items.

In recent times, many people might take social media platforms as a better option. However, it is untrue.

The reports by Radicati Group display that half of the world’s population was using global population. And, among Generation Z, 85% agreed to prefer email as a better communication option. This signifies how significant email marketing is and how efficiently a business has to deal with email marketing strategy to prosper the business.


Let’s know about the importance and benefits of email marketing strategy | 7 key points


email marketing benefits

1. High ROI = high profits

As compared to other marketing techniques, email marketing services are cheap. While we do have to spend for making content, and email marketing tools often cost money, these are the main expenses. With social media marketing, we will be paid for the number of impressions or clicks. However, email marketing services are much more uniform in tessellating. For instance, Amazon uses email marketing services for customers to know the trendy outfits and collections.

2. Reaching out to real-time people at the right time

One of the best features of email marketing tools is the option to schedule. And the additional benefit is that this is one of the free email marketing tools. Many businesses expand outside India, with different time zones. With help of these email marketing tools, you can easily send emails at the right time.


3. Drives more traffic to your website

While sending emails, you can attach the link to your website’s blog related to the product or services you want to endorse. Driving traffic quickly to your site from an email can increase your sales and conversions. This can help in your SEO ranking as well.


4. No ‘Paid Ads’ problems

This is also one of the best benefits of email marketing. It is more affordable than other email marketing strategies. Most email service providers (ESPs) let you get launched for free, so you won’t have any upfront expenses to store your list and send a limited amount of emails. Especially, at the initial stage of business, this email strategy can be surely fruitful.


5. Email Campaigns are Measurable

The ultimate plus point is that various email campaigns are measurable. One can easily trace the growth or decline of his campaigns with the help of various email marketing tools. Best of all, in many cases, data reporting is automatic and reachable on demand. Some major forms are-

  • Conversion rates

Depending on the size of your email list, you can make this reporting number a hundred, a thousand, or above that. You can take the ratio of email responses and sales to see the traffic from the email marketing strategy.

  • Unsubscribe rates

If you get a large number of unsubscribes or frequent un-subscribing then there’s a chance you are failing at some basic levels.
Click-through rate

  • Click-through rate

This is the frequency at which consumers click through one of the ties in an email. While order search pages represent a completed sale, it’s the coupon or promotions concern that better indicates the importance of email marketing.

  • Response rate

With the response rate metric, you’re looking at what percentage of emails get some kind of response.


6. Boosts Brand Awareness

Having a customer email address means one thing: they showed a level of interest in your business. Email marketing contributes you the ability to increase that interest level, that brand awareness, by settling on the top of mind.


7. Sales Funnel Email marketing strategy

Email marketing strategy

A funnel email marketing strategy refers that your customer moving through a sales pitch. This is often crafted by business owners to sell a product or service through educational volume and persuasive selling.

Opt-in forms are a great way to lead traffic to your marketing funnels. This can take you to take them at any spot on your website. They can be poured throughout your blog posts, placed on your Home page above the fold, or even at the end of your About page. you can funnel.

For example- if you were creating a marketing funnel to sell art workshop tickets, you could create an email challenge called “Better sketch in 5 Days”.

It’s best to build an email funnel via educational content with your subscriber. This is why email courses and email challenges are great for email funnels. After you educate your audience on your product topic, then and only then will you start to knit your sales pitch into the copy. After a subscriber becomes a customer, you’ll have the opportunity to use other funnels to convert them for additional stock.

Keep in mind to send emails at least once a week but less than daily. This is the best email marketing strategy. Take notes of these benefits of email marketing or your email marketing strategy and take your business to the next level.

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Why email marketing is important?

It is more reasonable than other channels, gives you a huge ROI, and is incredibly easy to set up. All you need is an internet connection, an email address, and a bit of time to write an urging email copy.

How important is the authentication process in email Marketing?

It enhances your deliverability score and can also help to curb spoofing and phishing scams. This way your email marketing will be secured.

What is email marketing in digital marketing?

Email marketing is when you send a marketable email message to your email subscribers and inform them about your brand and its product and services.

Which of the following is the most important metric to track email marketing?

Open rate is the simplest and most globally used metric by email marketers. Tracking the proportion of subscribers who click a particular email, the open rate gives us important insights about the audience.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software helps to create, send, and track emails to their subscribers. Using email marketing software makes it simpler to create well-designed emails, and also permits you to see key metrics such as open rates and click-through rates.

What are the names of some email marketing software?

Salesforce marketing cloud, mail up, send in blue, and Bitrix 24.

• How to do email marketing for free?

MorphyMail is a completely free email marketing software with which you can Create, Send & Track UNLIMITED bulk emails. This is one of the free email marketing tools.

What does it mean to create an inbound email marketing strategy?

It means to create a human, useful, and customer-driven exchange and experience. You’re looking forward to sending an email to three different lists of contacts.

How to start email marketing?

Follow these simple steps- Select an email marketing service provider>Gather contacts for your email marketing list>Fill up your contacts into your email marketing account> Set up your welcome email> Develop a reusable email template > Send.

How to write a marketing email?

Some tips are – Write an eye-catching subject, Follow a logical structure. Keep paragraphs short. Incorporate one central idea per paragraph. Write Emails in the Second Person. Display Benefits Over Features.

How to do email marketing yourself?

You need to have and abide by a consistent sending schedule. For example, if you send out discount labels for every festive season, your audience will come to anticipate it in their inboxes. If you do decide to follow a set schedule, notify people.

How does email marketing work?

An email marketing campaign has 3 – 10 emails sent over numerous days or weeks. This type of marketing email is sent as and when expected, in line with your business type.

What is the best email marketing strategy?

Get a little personal, Keep Your Subject Lines limited, pick the Right Time for Email Sending.

Give Away Gifts, Send Mobile-Friendly Emails, know your Subscribers and
Re-establish connections with Inactive Clients.

How to do email marketing?

Make the most use of Email Newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails and
Promotional Emails to maximize your business profit.



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