Best SEO Consultant in Singapore

Best SEO Consultant in Singapore

Ankush Mehta’s team knows what it takes to achieve results in SEO. We have extensive industry experience and can help you stand out. We are committed to helping you succeed. Our ability to implement SEO solutions can help you stand out and get noticed. We know how important it is to have a website that people can find. Therefore, we offer a variety of services, including SEO and PPC.

The best SEO consultant in Singapore collaborates with clients, develops relationships, and learns about them as a team. This allows you to get the best SEO consulting services in Singapore. We believe that every business deserves to be noticed. This is why we are committed to our work.

SEO marketing is the heartbeat of any business. Our SEO consultant Singapore understands the importance of being noticed. Our range of SEO services can help you achieve your business goals. The perfect combination of expertise and precision is required to rank on Google’s first pages. We are Singapore SEO experts and can help you stand out from the crowd. The right strategies will help your business rise in the rankings. We use White Hat SEO techniques to ensure that your business is taken to the next level.

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Our SEO Consulting Services Singapore

Technical SEO

A thorough SEO audit is an essential step in any SEO campaign. It is essential to determine the current status of your website in relation to its main competitors and to identify any possible SEO issues. This gives you a solid base on which to build your digital marketing efforts.

While Ankush Mehta‘s SEO team has a variety of industry-tested tools, nothing can compare to the expert eye of an industry professional when it is time for your SEO audit. We have over 1o+ years of combined experience in technical SEO.

Our Singapore SEO expert will investigate such issues as:

  • Keyword usage and relevance – Are we covering the things that our audience wants?
  • Originality and quality content – Are we providing solid information?
  • Can we accidentally tag ourselves to duplicate everything at different URLs through Canonicalization/Duplication of Pages?
  • Geo-location of pages: Are your regional pages properly targeting their regions?

Keywords Research

Keyword research refers to the practice of determining what search engines users are typing into search engines when they perform a search. This is an essential part of any SEO service. Before we can optimize a website or start a campaign, it is important to identify the keywords to rank for. 

While the process is similar across projects, keyword research should be done with an in-depth understanding of the market. Our Singapore SEO consultant takes the time to get to know this market by conducting extensive research and speaking with you about it.

These are the steps for our keyword research strategies:

  • Market research
  • Competitive research
  • Determining the goals you want to reach
  • A list of seed keywords
  • Expanding the topic list and finding new topics
  • Analyzing the intent of the keywords
  • Refinement of the list by tagging, grouping, and refining
  • Analyzing and tracking the results

E-commerce SEO

eCommerce optimization service is a holistic approach to improving your website and allowing the target audience to easily convert into customers. From navigation, design to content and product descriptions, everything on your website should be optimized leading users towards the end goal: purchasing your products or services.

We grow your e-store by implementing our industry-leading SEO strategies that generate relevant traffic. In addition to product listings optimization, our Singapore SEO consultant also runs eCommerce SEO campaigns to improve your brand visibility and credibility in the marketplace. Our strategies cover technical audits, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, content optimization, and performance analysis.

Local SEO

In local search SEO, our SEO expert Singapore focuses on your local area. We narrow down the locality, and then we will build a local SEO strategy. 

We will determine which websites are most popular in your area for your products and services, and then we will work with you to bring them to our site. We will focus our attention on the following: Keyword research, identification of top competitors, analysis of these competitors’ websites and backlink profiles, as well as their social media audit.

Local SEO is one of the options.

  • Mobile optimization
  • Local Search Tracking
  • Local citation
  • Map optimization
  • Reviewing the reviews

Link Building

Link building is an integral part of your SEO efforts. It is the process of promoting your website content to secure backlinks from high-authority referring domains. Links are essential signals that tell search engines your website is a credible source of content and information. It also assists online users in navigating between web pages on the internet to fulfill their needs.

Building links is one of the many SEO tactics our SEO specialist Singapore uses to increase your keywords ranking, acquire more referral traffic, and boost visibility. This allows you to create and propel new relationships with high authority websites, diversify your traffic sources and boost your revenue streams.

The Complete Solution for Your SEO Campaigns

Many of our clients came to us originally because they wanted to increase their website traffic through search. However, they didn’t know how to do it and sometimes weren’t aware of SEO. We can help.

Even if your knowledge is only superficial in search engine optimization for Google, our  SEO expert Singapore can perform an audit of your site and identify any issues that could be preventing your site from ranking high for the search terms you want.

Each website is unique, and each client requires a customized SEO strategy to achieve their business goals. No matter your industry, competition, or size, our  SEO specialist Singapore has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your SEO drives traffic to your website.

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