Is It Worth Boosting Facebook Posts – When to do it?

Boosting Facebook Posts

Social Media algorithms keep on changing. And Facebook is not untouched by the new shift in the algorithm. Recently, Facebook directed towards a more organic and fulfilling experience for its users. Hence, it prevented the reach of businesses and brands. So, what will you do to make your Facebook page reachable to the target audience? The answer is – Boosting Facebook posts. When you promote posts on Facebook by boosting, it maximizes the reach and makes your content go the extra mile, without any worrying about algorithms.

Let us know firstly about boosting Facebook posts, and why should a modern marketer should go for FB boost post for increasing Facebook followers.

What do you mean by ‘boosting Facebook posts’?

boosting facebook post


With more than 1.62 billion daily active users and more than seven million advertisers, Facebook is the abode for many small business owners. And, there are a few options available for increasing Facebook followers. However- boosting Facebook posts is the easiest and most effective.

Boosted posts are the digital advertisements that are created out of an existing post on your Facebook page.

The FB boost post will be shown to people whom you select through targeting, hence, increasing Facebook followers.
After selecting the audience, pick your budget and the boost duration. Go for a budget that is affordable like ₹100 per day.

What are Facebook ads?

Boosts Facebook posts

The Facebook Ads can appear in News Feed on desktop, News Feed on mobile, and in the Right Column of Facebook on desktop.
Ad content is sometimes paired with news about social actions that your friends have taken, such as liking a Page.

It is a paid advertisement that allows you to choose your target audience geographically. There are a lot of Facebook campaigns going on, you need to choose the best to increase Facebook followers to your accordance.

Let us have a quick review on Facebook Ads vs boosted posts, which way to promote posts on Facebook might be the best for increasing Facebook followers.

Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts | The difference –

Boosting Facebook posts


Boost post works on-

• Engagement and Website Visits. The aim is to improve post visibility and engagement, such as post likes, comments, and shares. Boosting Facebook posts is a much easier and inexpensive way for increasing Facebook followers.

Facebook Ads work on –

• several objectives, including awareness, traffic, lead generation, reach conversions, and more.


Boost Posts-

• They will be shown in the news feed,
Thus results may vary as engagement in the messenger will be more as compared to the news feed.

Facebook Ads-

• You can decide the ad placement with different Facebook ad campaigns that happen for increasing Facebook followers.

Success on Facebook requires needs a good thorough strategy. Even if you have many followers, if you are not effectively boosting Facebook posts, chances are high of not increasing Facebook followers.
To make your FB boost post worth it, here are some key points you should know before boosting Facebook posts.

These pointers will guide about using Fb boost posts effectively for increasing Facebook followers.

Boosting Facebook Posts | How to do?

Boosting Facebook posts

Restrict the time duration

It is not advisable to run a single post for too long. You should know that even a good post will eventually decline after a week to attract the audience. Also, avoid targeting the same content after regular intervals because the audience may feel exhausted.

Narrow down your audience

The Boost Post feature allows you to select targeting options for your post. By default, you can choose people who currently like your page or your followers plus their friends.

Keep your audience limited

You should give preference to the people who liked your page and their friends, restricting too much audience that may not be interested in your product/utility.
However, you also have the option to create a customized audience for your boosted posts. This new feature of a custom audience will allow you to target a specific demographic based on location, sex, age, or interests.

Boost your best performing posts

To promote posts on Facebook, you should be got for the post that already has many comments, likes, and shares. A high engagement rate depicts that the content proved to be fulfilling to the audience. Followers are more likely to click on a post with 100 likes, 80 comments, and 32 shares than a post with just 6 likes. Hence, for boosting Facebook posts, keep a check in your analytics.

Go for a tool that automates boosting

Social media marketing can be very time-exhausting. Fortunately, many tools are available to make your work easier. A good variety of social media scheduling tools have an automated boost post feature that can help you save your time that you can invest in other projects.

Boosting Facebook posts | When to do?


boost facebook post

It depends on the following factors-

• Audience Centric Goals

If your service or utility largely depends upon the customer’s actions, decide the launch day of your boosting Facebook posts according to them. For example- If you own a page dedicated to selling chocolates and cookies, the best time will be the festive season.

• To spread your word

If you have planned a special event where you need more eyeballs, just go for posting 2 weeks before the D-Day for the maximum results.

Post showing exceedingly great analytics

If your current content is doing exceptionally well, right away go for promoting the post on Facebook.

Facebook boost post tips for increasing Facebook followers –

Given below are the best Facebook boost post tips to score a home run in the digital marketing field.

Feature Update

If you’ve added fresh features such as a Shop section on your Facebook page, a FB post will give you maximum returns.

New Content Posting

Most marketers boost Facebook posts whenever they are sharing valuable information to reach more of their followers. Keep yourself updated with the current trends and create new content accordingly.

One-off Events:

One-off events often don’t require need campaigns with great pomp and show. By just boosting Facebook posts, you will be recognizable and get more people to attend your event. For example- if you will have a Festive Season Sale, it is better to promote posts on Facebook.


Considering the above-mentioned points, you would have been clear about your thoughts to promote posts on Facebook via boosting. Trust the process of boosting Facebook posts, increasing a great number of followers, and eventually flourishing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Facebook boost posts

1- Are boosting posts on Facebook worth it?

Here’s your answer – are boosting posts on Facebook worth it?

  • With 2.74 million monthly active users, Facebook is by far the largest social network.

  • Boosting is the cheapest and simplest way to increase your visibility

    When you boost a Facebook post, you even have the content appear as a boosted post on Instagram as well.

2- Which is better -Facebook ads vs Boosted posts?

Surely boosted posts is much better under facebook ads vs Boosted posts because of these reasons-

  • Boosted posts on Facebook apply a budget to expand the reach to social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Messanger

  • It is based on standard Facebook posts with a call to action feature as well.

  • It also gives you the ability to track the analytics.

3- Is it worth paying to boost posts on Facebook?

Absolutely, Facebook designed boosting keeping in mind the small business owners. Instead of paying off a hefty sum on other marketing tactics, you should go for a pocket-friendly FB boost post. For maximum results in minimum budgets!

4- When should you boost a Facebook post?

You should post on Facebook when you are confident enough that your post is capable of generating organic traffic.

5- How can I increase my post reach on Facebook?

Here are some tips or Reach Out to Digital Chaabi’s Social Media Marketing Tailored Plan-

  • Try to mix up your post formats.

  • Go live and be true.

  • Use mages and videos to attract the audience.

  • Find your best time to post thorough analytics

  • Give your audience quality content.

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