Branding Agency OR Creative Agency – Who do you Hire?

Branding Agency OR Creative Agency

When you ask people about the difference between branding agency and creative agency, most of the reactions would be – What? Aren’t they the same? However, these are two unique kinds of agencies with a distinct set of work cut out. But what are the distinctions and how differently do they work?

If you have some doubts, you are reading the right article. We are here to tell you the difference between a branding agency and a creative agency, keeping various factors checked.

When it comes to a branding agency, it follows a holistic approach and is primarily reliable for creating, developing, managing, and building brands. It includes ingenious, design and communication under its gamut of services but heavily points on, brand strategy. On the other edge, A creative agency takes care of the content and graphic element of the brand by delivering on the detailed creative mandate.

Let’s know about these two in detail-

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What is a Digital Branding Agency?

A digital agency primarily proposes businesses digital marketing solutions including website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, and pay-per-click ads.
Nowadays, digital agencies are important for conducting all marketing campaigns to promote businesses and increase their return on investment.

If you want to skyrocket your business, you must hire an experienced and proficient branding agency. With more than 10 years of experience, Our best team at, a branding agency in Delhi is dedicated to improving your website’s online visibility and gaining more clients. We and our team of trained people make sure that your Business Reaches the Right Audience at the Right Time.

What is a Creative Branding Agency?

Branding Agency


The creative agency provides jobs with experts on visualization and developing artistic concepts. When you hire a creative agency, you can expect an imaginative-based standpoint since its services include designing logos, banners, infographics, TV ads, and videography.

If you want to get eye-catching designs, pictures, or logos to boost brand value, hiring a creative agency is a terrific choice. And to ease your work of finding the best one- We at bringing the best of our creativity after fully comprehending the research based on your competitors, target market, and customer. At a very affordable cost, we, a branding agency in Delhi, ensure you get the best services.


After knowing the actual difference between a digital branding agency and a creative design agency, you must be thinking about what will be the best for your business growth? And how will you choose an appropriate one? It is extremely crucial to know the differences in details so that you have sufficient knowledge to make informed consequences on who will help you build your brand. The differences based on various parameters are given below-

Branding Agency or Creative Agency? Who do you hire –


Branding agency

• Basic services – Content&Visual oriented or traffic oriented?

In the case of a Branding agency, it performs marketing consulting and provides creative, strategic, and technical development of marketing products and services. The services they provide are more proactive in marketing such as applications, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, content creation, online lead generation, brand development, email marketing, mobile campaigns, and website design and development.

On the other hand, creative design agency you can view a creative agency as the team that creates all the content and visual components of your brand. Think of all the design that goes into marketing a product, service, or company. They include items such as Logos, color schemes, banners, copywriting, email newsletter design, infographics, packaging design, videos, and Television advertisement.

• Research- Market-based or user-based?

A digital branding agency will work on the key principle of your potential market to figure out how and where to position your company to ensure that your outcomes or services will be seen by more customers. They also help you observe to what extent can distinguish your brand from your oppositions by market analysis.

On the contrary, creative advertising agency takes more user-biased research to optimize the user experience through effective visual strategies to advertise your brand among the clients. Creative agencies emphasize asking for interest in user-focused design and eye-catching visuals.

• Working approach – Creative or market-oriented?

A digital branding agency does not have experienced designers and innovators needed to provide a professional layout for the go-to-market strategy development process.

On the other hand, a creative ad agency will generate creative and quality content for your website or social media accounts so that the digital agencies may promote them. The creative agency will be responsible to make visually appealing segments.


• Delivery- Building stakeholder relationship or Attracting audience?

The branding agency is the one that focuses on increasing profitability for the brand by nurturing, improving, and strengthening customer and a brand’s relationship.

On the other hand, creative ad agency primarily exhibits creativity in their campaigns to attract audiences towards the brand and are not trustworthy for expanding the profit or sales.

If you would want to have a victorious brand that appeals to the right customers. You need a perfect amalgamation of digital brand agency and creative design agency, by your business. This will surely help you enter your target market in multiple advertising channels and multiple devices. Moreover, it will also help you come up with beautiful ad creatives. However, keep in mind, that it majorly depends upon your business, take a close look at your business and choose the best!

FAQs –

Creative agency


  • What does a creative agency do?

A creative advertising agency is an organization that collects creative strategies to help clients achieve their goals. A creative design agency works on – Design and advertising.


  • What is a creative content agency?

A creative content agency cultivates and implements imaginative solutions to help businesses increase brand attention and profits. It is primarily responsible to write eye-catching content that urges customers to get interested in the brand.


  • What are the best creative agencies?

Among many names in the market, DigitalChaabi remains the best creative agency. As we have many happy customers and we insured to offer you the perfectly optimized digital creative plan customized for your product/service.

  • Why do you need a creative agency?

A creative agency comes up with experienced and creative writers, designers, creative directors, art directors, web developers, and strategists. You can hire skills at a very affordable price. Your brand could be more visually impressive.


  • What makes a good creative agency?

Some characteristics of ga ood creative agency are- They took the time to meet you, clearly understand your needs and challenges, offer well-rounded expertise, rank high on the creativity scale, and set realistic expectations.

  • What is a brand branding agency?

A branding agency specializes in creating and launching brands and rebranding. The role of a branding agency in Delhi is to develop, plan, measure, and manage branding strategies for customers, including support in advertising and other aspects of promotion.

  • What does a branding agency offer?

  1. Building a brand identity from the ground up.
  2. Rebranding established businesses.
  3. Establishing brand positioning and messaging.
  4. Creating a branding strategy
  5. Developing a website and attracting traffic using SEO and SEM.


  •  What are 4the  steps of branding?

Determine your target audience> position your business product and services>establish your company’s personality> Create a logo and hook line.


  • What is covered under branding?

Under branding, one can expect logo, color palette, shape, tagline, tone of voice and vocabulary, fonts, imagery, and image positioning.


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