Digital Marketing For Psychologists: #1 Guide for growth in 2021

Digital Marketing became knowledge and direct participation-based now.

According to the study on Digital Marketing in India by Ishaq Ahmad Dar and Reena Lekha, the use of plans that engage customers with reading (information, reviews, etc.), and writing comments would be profitable.

So, Digital Marketing for Psychologists shall follow the current studies that are replicating the trend.

Why Digital Marketing for Psychologists is a must?

If a Psychologist wants to reach more patients, then the digital platform is one of the best ways.

Now, India is focusing on total digitalization. The Government has announced many policies for accomplishing the objective.

Therefore, India became a country for digital exploration.

By following the trend, the digital platform should be considered as a valuable option for a Psychologist in India.

Here, the current strategies of Digital Marketing for Psychologists will be discussed.

Before entering into the explanation of strategies, some other aspects will be introduced also.

The aspects would brief the rise of awareness on mental health problems by digital marketing, worldwide trend of marketing for Psychologists, and position of digital marketing in India.

Rise of awareness in mental health problems globally

In search of the marketing strategies for Psychologists knowing how much digital platform has propagated the awareness of mental health problems is important.

Before the Internet became a giant of the globe, mental health problems were dealt with limitations.

People were hiding their problems because society laughed at the affected ones.

The Internet has changed the thought by unfolding several facts.

Awareness makes psychological disorders a serious issue.

The past thought of people that he or she is mad had changed since the arrival of Digital Marketing for Psychologists.

Role of Facebook

Facebook played a vital role in bringing the change in thoughts.

The ads, short write-ups, images, and video contents in the social platforms have reached the hands of people.

Therefore, people knew that psychological disorder is a serious issue, and it should be dealt with delicacy.

The worldwide growth of the several psyche problems has been informed among mass by the social platforms.

Many other facts have been cleared as well. Thus, the spread of awareness through social platforms has brought considerable modification in point of view.

Role of websites

Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser posted an article on Our World in Data in 2018.

The article shows that 792 million people who are around 10.7% of the entire population of the world have mental disorders. 9.3% of the world’s population is male, and 11.9% are female who is suffering from different psychological problems.

This data is coming into the knowledge of readers through an article of a website.

The scenario shows how many digital platforms are helping the industry in propagating awareness.

Several facts have been clarified vividly by Digital Marketing for Psychologists, which was impossible by traditional marketing.

Worldwide Trend of marketing for Psychologists

The scenario of marketing trends in 2020 replicates more précised thoughts than before.

Digital platforms have re-designed for more penetration. Intending to hit the minds of people the marketing tools, techs, and strategies have reformed.

Several platforms have added to the latest strategy building in 2020.

Some of the strategies can be implemented in Digital Marketing for Psychologists as well.

Google’s Addiction

‘Fast Page’ labeling is the latest trend for Google.

The search engine has decided to mark the websites according to its page speed and quality.

The overall time of loading, the stability of content during loading, responsiveness, and users’ experience would be judged in labeling.

A website would be ranked by following the metrics on the previously mentioned aspects.

NYT’s Addition:

The New York Times has brought a huge path-breaking strategy in advertisements.

The Morning Brew elaborates on the method of NYT’s ads. Apart from the normal advertisements NYT posts ads by capturing attractive headlines from articles.

With the integration of images related to the headline, the ads poke the subscribers in the morning.

In this strategy, NYT also includes the psychological approach.

The ads have been created on a detailed understanding of the beforehand interest.

It means what people are thinking or demanding the ad would serve that purpose.

Google’s Test:

A new feature is under the test of the search engine.

Barry Schwartz explains this new feature in the Search Engine Roundtable’s article.

Google is working on elaborating on a product image without clicking.

It means the users would get the various images of a product with a hovering of the mouse on the image.

This tech would decrease clicking numbers and make product understanding easier.

Position of Digital Marketing in India:

In earlier days the Internet was just a source of information.

Now, the Internet became a place of sharing (stories, experience, etc.), discussing, debating, getting entertainment, and more.

With the arrival of social media, the Internet became a more powerful source to reach the mass. From 1990 to 2020, in the 30 years of the journey, the medium has changed the entire set-up of the world.

By following the continuous growth and future possibility of Internet PM of India Narendra Modi had announced ‘Digital India’ in 2015.

The phrase aims to make the services, especially government services available for the citizens of the country.

Many private sectors have engulfed the announcement for the expansion of the businesses digitally.

As per the ‘Digital India‘ proposals, global access would open for the users and service providers. The worldwide trading license turned out into the paradise of traders.

Therefore, the health sectors, education, agriculture, and many other sectors have jumped into the program.

The focus of health care units is to get more and more patients.

For accomplishing the goal health sectors have to reach as many doors as possible.

A digital platform makes that wish successful. Now, every sector is either entirely designed digitally or kept a strong digital wing.

Digital Marketing strategies for Psychologists:

Before discussing the strategies, let’s have a quick look at the demand of the psychologists in India.

As per Dr Rajesh Sagar, there is one psychologist for every 4 lakh people in India.

As per Varghese, there are 4000 psychiatrists, 1000 of them are psychologists, and the other 3000 are social workers.

Times Of India reported that 14.3% of the entire population of India is suffering from different mental disorders.

These three data are enough for realizing the essentiality of psychologists and mental health treatment.

So, Digital Marketing for Psychologists is essential in spreading the info of services, products, and the ability of the doctors.

Strategy – 1:

The first way of coming into the focus of the society is content marketing. Content is the primary element that attracts people.

You must plan the content by following the aspects of your sector.

An independent practitioner of psychology shall stuff the critical services and short descriptions (2-3line), images of services and products, etc.

Stuffing the contents need a destination.

Websites are the place of stuffing content.

The psychologists can elaborate on their services, products, and capabilities through various blogs, articles, or research-based contents.

The contents shall focus on stuffing the most relevant keywords.

The Google Metric shows the most searched KW related to specific topics.

These words in the content would take the site up in the SEO list.

Relation with the trending strategy:

The NYT’s addition can be added to the content building plan for psychologists. Some attractive lines with captivating images may be used in setting up an ad and be posted on social media or other platforms.

Strategy – 2:

Free services are the second-best way of Digital Marketing for Psychologists. The psychologists can hire professionals to build video content elaborating on several topics. The human brain compares with the ocean. So, there are many portions to the subject.

The expert should continuously create video content on different topics. The video may be designed with the integration of personal skill, depth of the matter, and how the people would be helped from the individual.

The free service providing list can be broad. You should be imaginative with the methods. Management experts say that people of third world countries have been attracted by free service more.

Relation with the trending strategy:

Integrating high responsiveness for high-speed loading, content stability during loading and bug-less access would increase the users’ experience. Thus, Google’s addition of ‘Fast Page’ labeling would develop the position of the contents.

Strategy – 3:

The third strategy focuses on engaging patients or viewers in captivating ways. You should be creative with this Digital Marketing for Psychologists plan. Asking for reviews is a method of engaging viewers, but the asking style should be unique or the topic to be reviewed must be very catchy.

The survey of BrightLocal reported that 33% of users view reviews before hiring any service or buying any product. So, the review chapter plays a vital role in increasing traffic.


Seminars were boring to many, but webinar shows a great number of viewers in Google Algorithm.

The webinar is a valuable plan of Digital Marketing for Psychologists.

Gathering renowned doctors and discussing on a topic or arranging practitioners and debating on a topic could engage a considerable number of viewers.

The article has briefed various aspects along with some strategies of Digital Marketing for Psychologists.

This would help readers in realizing the need for digital platforms at mental health sectors.

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