Facebook vs Instagram! Find What Suits More To Your Business?

Facebook vs Instagram! Find What Suits More To Your Business?

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. And people who are looking for a market to sell their goods and services, social media is the first choice of modern society. Due to the growing popularity, people are heading more towards various social media platforms to secure their business. Social marketing is a versatile and influential tool to use for marketers. Amongst all, Facebook and Facebook remain the most popular choice and this gives rise to the Facebook vs Instagram Battle. Do the budding entrepreneurs often get confused about Instagram vs Facebook which is better? This article would help you to find the best one – Instagram vs Facebook marketing.

Facebook has been a go-getter channel for marketers for years. Comprehending the fact that the platform boasts 2.6 billion users worldwide. However, with 1 billion active users, could Instagram be a better investment alternative?

It all depends on the type of customer you want to get along with and the content that works best for your brand. Let’s look at Facebook vs. Instagram for business and know which platform works best for your marketing strategy.

Facebook vs Instagram | Basic Information Grounds Facebook Instagram

Facebook vs Instagram




No. of users With 2.8 billion users globally, Facebook remains the largest social network. 1.3 billion users, making it the fourth most used social media platform.
Demography 69% of adults have used Facebook. Of Facebook’s users,  45% are in the range of 40years to 46 years, and 15.3% fall into the 18-24 year range. A total of 67% of people aged 18-29 use Instagram. 30-49 age range falls to 47% here
Engagement  with brands On Facebook, only 32% of users with brands. On  Instagram, 68% of users regularly interact with brands.
Advertisement Facebook ads come in eight outlets. This includes traditional photos and videos, interactive games, and messenger. Instagram gives five add formats directed on visuals: images, videos, Carousel,  stories, and reels

These were briefly described Instagram vs Facebook marketing techniques. With the above statistics, it is noticeable that both platforms are great for promotion. Facebook has over 60 million active business Pages and establishes many possibilities. Instagram, on the other hand, is hyper-focused on a few but specialized core features.

Let’s get a more comprehensive look over these two social media platforms and decide Instagram vs Facebook which is better for your business, overviewing each measure specifically.

Facebook vs Instagram | Measuring Different Grounds

Instagram vs Facebook


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms and has gained tremendous popularity and is quite huge as compared to Instagram. Statistics indicate that even users of Instagram are not very involved. Instagram’s main audience is younger people who don’t have enough money to buy utilities or services. But if your target audience is a younger group of people, go with Instagram. Therefore, select your platform wisely while handling the audience. Instagram Vs Facebook marketing largely depends on the audience.


When we speak about Facebook vs Instagram users we come to the fact that Facebook stoners spend an average of 35 minutes per day on the app and visit it 8 times per day. The latest reports indicate that the average Facebook user shares approx. 54000 links, about 147,000 photos, and around 317,000 status updates, which sums up extra activity every minute than any other social platform available. Even though these numbers are credible good, 40 percent of users don’t use a Facebook Page, which resists them to know a business.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of Instagram users work according to a business model, giving brands a better opportunity at social media success than they might have on Facebook. Instagram still has a remarkably active user base. As per researches, Instagram users share more than 95 million posts a day and like more than 4.2 billion posts a day. Adding cherry on the cake, more than 3500 million people use Instagram’s story feature every day, while Facebook’s story feature is still endeavoring to gain friction, earning about half that daily activity.

• Brand use and ad effectiveness

Facebook vs Instagram, even though Instagram furnishes vast opportunities for businesses, Facebook is still on the chart, hosting 80 million business pages as compared to Instagram’s only 8 million.

Over 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising policies regularly, and 62% of marketers discover it to be their most crucial social media channel. While the platform has influential paid advertising potential, Facebook intentionally hides company posts so brands expend more ad dollars; organic reach for suspended Facebook pages is only 2% on average.

Facebook vs Instagram reach

When it comes to the volume of Facebook vs Instagram users, it seems that no platform can exceed Facebook. The social media forerunner has more than a billion monthly 2.8 active users around the world. While Instagram clocks in at 1 billion monthly effective users. But a platform’s number of users isn’t the best indicator of how your marketing actions will perform; we need to search deeper into demographics to comprehend the Instagram vs Facebook marketing.

Facebook is the best when it comes to users and these users consistently span all age factions (25-34 leading the way). Though, we might soon see a drop in the platform’s popularity as younger generations grow up; 34 percent of teenagers think Facebook is for aged people, and they are not certainly mistaken. More than 40% of users are above 40 while only 2% are early teenagers. When asking Instagram vs better Facebook, keep the demographic features into consideration as well.


In the next point under Facebook vs Instagram, Facebook is effectively optimized for desktop, laptop as well as a mobile phones. Instagram, on the other hand, lacks a desktop ordeal as it puts many constraints on the user when they log in with a web browser. On Instagram, you cannot effortlessly upload photos, edit existing posts when you are not using it on a mobile device. It’s been created especially for mobile users. Images actually can be better on Instagram than on Facebook since that’s what Instagram, is chiefly developed for.

Overall Functionality

One cannot judge Facebook vs Instagram marketing, without considering how the network works. Instagram is more video-oriented.

Facebook is mainly informational. A Facebook page is responsible to display your businesses’ status. Users know about a company through its Facebook Page whether it’s business timings, addresses, or upcoming events. Facebook has always concentrated on text because it’s detail-driven. They precisely serve different purposes.

Instagram is about catching moments. People usually do not open Instagram to get an idea of the company’s business hours. They use Instagram to engage. Engagement makes it effective for creating your brand and increasing popularity. Instagram vs better Facebook, the picture must have been much clearer now.

Deciding the most suitable platform depends upon the kind of work, you will look up to. Facebook and Facebook vs Instagram, when asked, know your SWOT analysis and choose wisely. Different features and audiences mean what suits your business may not be beneficial for others.


Comprehending the above factors, the conclusion for Facebook vs Instagram, which is better – Use both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously and give chances to their strengths. Analyze your audience, create content and choose your platform to post and interact with.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)-

  • How to add an Instagram link to a Facebook profile?

Here are the simple steps –  Firstly copy the URL of your Instagram account < Now open your Facebook profile and click on the profile image at the top < Click ‘About’, a drop-down menu will appear< Choose Contact and Basic Info < Under the heading Websites and Social Links, click ‘add a website’ <Paste the link and save changes.

  • How to remove your Facebook account from Instagram?

Log into your Instagram account and move to Settings< Scroll down and you will see an ‘Account Center’, click on it< Click on the three horizontal dots at the right corner< Now click, ‘Remove from Account Center’ and thereafter click confirm.

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