How to Create a Bonus Funnel (Sales) to Double Your Online Business

bonus sales funnel

When a customer sees buy one get two offers at departmental stores, discount coupons, or additional vouchers, it anticipates him to purchase the product quickly to get maximum benefits. Similarly, in an online world, customers love to get higher returns. And receiving a bonus elates everyone. When digital marketers create a bonus funnel, it eventually leads to higher sales and increased brand value as well.

This article will navigate through the path to create a bonus funnel in a way to multiply your business sales.

Advantages to creating a bonus funnel

Works on the principle of ‘FOMO’

To create a bonus funnel

When you create a bonus funnel, it primarily-

  • Encourage your audience to buy early in your launch
  • Motivate your audience to buy when they were otherwise on the fence
  • This is a tactic you can use no matter what you’re selling.

If you check your email inbox, you will find many messages like – Hurry, last few days left, or freebies if you purchase now! These deals, when you create a bonus funnel helps to create urgency and motivate you to consider something that might not have registered for you otherwise. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff!

Limited-time bonuses can be anything from products to digital downloads to live calls. Depending on the utility, marketers create a bonus funnel distinctively.

Motivates Customers to purchase


motivate customer to buy

If you purchase a cosmetic kit and receive freebies as well, means you have gained something of real value that will help your business and save you money. Moreover, you will purchase products from the same shop afterward.

In other words, when you create a bonus funnel, your product becomes even more desirable.

Your brand becomes the first choice

favorite brand

If two online stores offer you the same or near-identical products, you will probably go for the one that would give you a bonus. If you become known for offering great bonuses, you’ll eventually become the first choice.

Being an affiliate marketer, there’s another advantage. Many schemes offer higher commission rates to affiliates that make more sales. When you create a bonus funnel, it increases your conversions, aiding you to out scale.

How to create bonuses in sales funnel?

Create a bonus funnel

These are some amazing tips you can use to create bonuses in sales the funnel.

Know your customers

Before selecting when and how to create a bonus funnel, firstly you need to ask a few questions-

  • What do my customer needs and how can I fulfill them?
  • What will encourage people to buy your product and how can you create a bonus funnel to attract them

In short, you must thoroughly research your target audience before deciding how to create a bonus funnel tactfully.

Know what to offer as a bonus

These are some ways by which you can create a bonus funnel –

  • Online Course

You should look upon offering one of your older courses as a limited-time bonus.

You’ve already done the work and created the product so there’s no extra time strain for you.

  • E-books

Even if you’re covering the same information as your course, E-books are still valuable in that if someone is looking for something particular, they can easily access an E-book.

  • An Audit

Depending on what you’re teaching, you can offer the first students who purchase an audit of their base product.

Ebooks, scripts can help make your course content searchable. If your online course is video-based, you can get your videos transcribed and offer these transcripts as a bonus.

  • A group coaching call

If you know to receive many calls for an inquiry, you can think of providing a group consultation call.

  • Creating Bonus Piling

If you want to retain your customers, you must not stop giving only one bonus. Instead, you can stalk multiple products and create jumbo bonus packages. Stacking bonuses makes the customer feel like they’re getting an even better offer.
An ex- brand like Zomato, offers seven bonus products, free delivery, special discount, and cutlery with Zomato Pro deal.

How to create a Sales Funnel?

Create a bonus funnel

A Sales funnel is a visual representation of the stages a prospect goes through while purchasing the product.

These are Steps involved in sales process funnel-


At this stage, people don’t know much about your brand. Initially, you need to endorse your brand to reach your potential customers. It’s necessary to give them a piece of information about your brand to avail them sales funnel services.

You can use these strategies to increase brand awareness-


The Second step while asking- How to create a sales funnel, is that prospects are now probably looking for solutions. Now, you need to offer them targeted solutions while credibility and create a bonus funnel as well.

Here are some appropriate content ideas for this stage:

  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • White papers


At the last stage of – How to create a sales funnel, customers are ready to make deals, looking at various competitors. Make sure you create a bonus funnel strategy that would let your potential customers go to other dealers

Here are some suitable content ideas for sales funnel services-

  • Interactive calculators
  • Free trials and demos
  • Discount coupons

Lead Generation Sales Funnel | Strategies to promote Bonus Funnel

Create a bonus funnel

Lead generation sales funnel refers to the process of attracting, nurturing, and convincing potential buyers to have a deal with your brand. For example- if someone visits your website, it should instantly encourage them to buy.

There are infinite ways to get customers by lead generation sales funnel, given below are the most effective ones-

Email Marketing

A lead generation sales funnel can be easily done via three or four-way email sales funnel management.

The Email Sales funnel management sequence could look something like this:

  • Announcing the bonuses
  • Opening the doors
  • One hour left
  • 10 minutes left

Now, depending on how long the doors are going to be open, you may choose to only do step three or only do step four.

Social Media Promotions

Content is King on Social Media. People scroll through social media at a stop only when they find something interesting. Your Social Media Campaigns should clearly state what you’re offering in a beautiful and well-designed package. It’s important to stand out


During webinars, online entrepreneurs and influencers give some offers called “fast-action bonuses,” available only during webinars.

For example– During the webinar, a blogger can say about the new launch of his educational course, and using this promo code will give you 40% discount.


In the digital marketing world, lead generation sales funnel through bonus creation is very prevalent. When you create a bonus funnel, you should understand your target market so that you can address their needs and wants. Now must have got the answer for – How to create bonuses in sales funnel, roll up your sleeves, work hard and get ready to outshine!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Create a bonus funnel

What is Sales funnel with Google Ads?

Sales Funnel with Google Ads is a strategy based on PPC (pay per click), it uses a sequence of various campaigns that guides people to know about the brand and purchase the stuff. It targets strangers, produces interest and demand, drives prospects to start searching for your products/services, and turns them into paying customers with targeted content.

What is Sales Funnel Template?

A sales funnel template is the pictorial representation of a customer’s journey of becoming a customer and its after-effects. There are 3 main stages of the sales funnel template-

  • Top of the sales funnel- the awareness stage
  • Middle of the sales funnel- the identification stage
  • Bottom of the sales funnel- the decision stage

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How much it costs to make a sales funnel?

While it majorly depends upon the sales process funnel and sales funnel services, however, you can take up the approx value of $100- $110 a month.


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