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We all are aware of the importance of SEO but are you implementing it right? Or facing trouble in improving your SEO for your local business? If yes then you are at the right place to know how to reach a new level through the online presence of your local business. 

The rate at which people are using mobile phones and the internet gives a clear-cutout indication to introduce your local business website. People will know more about your business and brand. Now, before going further with how to do SEO for your local business. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of local SEO for small business.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) assets to show you up in Google search results through creating quality content.
  • Coming to the numbers, 46 percent of Google searches look for local information. So, it’s a powerful weapon to make businesses easy to discover.
  • Most importantly, builds trust and improves relevancy.

Now, it’s understood that local SEO for small businesses plays a key role in pulling organic and finding potential customers. Moving on with how to prevent you from losing significant traffic. Here are the 11 SEO strategies for local business!

11 Ways to Improve SEO for Your Local Business 

1. Optimize Google My Business Account

SEO for your local business

The very crucial step in improving the rank is creating an account on Google My Business for local SEO. Provide all the necessary and transparent information on the platform. To know how to do it, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, claim a Google My Business account and verify it.
  • Add contact details and all the relevant information about your business.
  • Compel customers to share online reviews. 
  • Whether a review is negative or positive, respond to them.
  • Stay up to date about your business details.

Later on, Google will assist you in reaching potential customers by providing coveted sidebar space in Google’s local search. Now, you are ready to reach your business to potential customers.

2. Don’t Overlook Reviews

SEO for your local business

Do you know how reviews work to generate new leads? Every review is worth it and results in making other people buy from you. After all, 85 percent of people buy products or services after going through reviews and recommendations. For this, encourage your existing customers to review through text or e-mails. After that, respond to every feedback professionally even to the negative ones also.

3. Consider Social Media

Maybe your potential customer is on social media? How we can let you lose your customers! After all, businesses and brands need to reach the place where the customers are hanging out. So, make your presence on social media by sharing the Google My Business page on social media handles. As a result, you will increase your visibility on social media platforms too.

4. Local Issues grab Local Customers

Make out content on local news or issues to improve SEO for your local business. It will grab the attention of local dwellers. And, writing on local stories and news is no science rocket.

However, don’t compromise with your niche and quality of content. Create content of local issues that your business mostly talks about or is related to. Also, for different regions of the area, set up location-specific web pages.

5. Update your NAP ( Name, Address, Phone Number)

SEO for your local business

If your NAP is not updated then do whatever, nothing will work. Because your main task is to make yourself easy to discover. (The expanded form of NAP- Name, Address, and Phone number). Generally, NAP is located at the header or the footer of the website. So, include all there as crawlable HTML text on a business website. 

6. Optimise your Mobile-friendly Website 

SEO for your local business

The simple formula for any business to grow is- Shift to the place of customers. According to the research, more than half of the website traffic comes through mobile devices. Still, thinking about optimizing your website for mobile or not? The chances of finding your site will increase after making the site mobile-friendly or responsive. Thereafter, you can effectively increase SEO for your local business.

7. Write for Users | Locally optimized Keywords

Content marketing strategy is all about writing for users not only to show up on search engines.  In simpler words, the keywords should be locally optimized and relevant to your customers. That’s how SEO for your local business can work out. Moreover, don’t forget to optimize location targeted keywords into URL, title, and meta description. 

8. Optimize from URL to Content

SEO for your local business

New blog, new opportunity to target audience! Whenever you write content, optimize it with well-researched keywords and use them in reasonable numbers throughout the content. 

The optimization of keywords should include the URL, title, header, meta description. Moreover, to improve local SEO for small business you can end up writing blogs on geo-targeted news or concerns to attract local customers.

9. Time To Upgrade Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking

How does internal linking help? They assist navigation of the website, define and maintain website hierarchy, and distribute ranking power on the website.

So, here are steps on how to do it:

  • To internal link, first, create a quality and lots of content.
  • Avoid linking on ‘Homepage’ or ‘Contact Us.’ Keep your content strategy effective and link within the structure.
  • Linking should be relevant to readers.
  • Don’t overuse internal linking, keep it reasonable.

10.  Adding Location Pages

SEO for your local business


One of the best SEO strategies for local multi-location business is to add location pages, in case you have more than one location. Precisely, location pages provide readers with your NAP and other information such as opening/closing timings, testimonials, and more. Note: Don’t copy-paste or duplicate content for multiple locations. 

11. Voice Search Optimisation 

SEO for your local business

As technology grows, so does consumer behavior. People are intending to use voice search for exact and useful answers. And usually, consumers use long-tail keywords (See the graph). Therefore, you should SEO for your local business that matches the user’s intent perfectly. As the result, you are all set to grow your small business.


By implementing these 11 effective ways of improving  SEO for your local business. You will surely take your business SEO to the next level. After all, to stay on top of SEO strategies for local business, you need to upgrade your tips and techniques. That’s how you can increase your online visibility in local searches. And, if you are facing any trouble in local SEO, consider talking to an SEO consultant

Looking For Local Seo Services For Small Business?

SEO for your local business

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Frequently Asked Questions on SEO for your Local Business:

  • What is local SEO for small business?

The small business website which is optimized for local search results is known as local SEO for business. Accordingly, the search engine shows the result based on the user’s location. 

  • How to do SEO for local business?

To do the SEO for your local business, here are the few ways below:

  • Claim your business on Google My Business.
  • Encourage customers for reviews and respond to them.
  • Write on local news or local issues to grab users’ attention.
  • Optimize the website for voice search.
  • Optimize website to be mobile-friendly.
  • Upgrade hyperlinking techniques.
  • Add on location pages.
  • Why is local SEO important for your business?

Local SEO is very important to maintain the online presence of businesses. Local SEO provides information such as an address, phone number, directions of business to build trust and reputation. As a result, drive more traffic and convert them into new leads.

  • Why local SEO for small businesses?

Local SEO for small business is important to drive traffic, increasing sales by providing quality content to potential customers. Also, it directs visitors about your business and boosts online visibility.

  • How to improve local SEO for your business?

To aid you in doing the SEO for your local business, here are the tips mentioned below:

  • Make a presence and verify your business or brand on Google My Business.
  • Compel customers for reviews and respond to them professionally.
  • Write on user-oriented local keywords.
  • Optimize the website for voice search.
  • Upgrade hyperlinking techniques.
  • Make your business website mobile-friendly.
  • Add on location pages for more than one location. 

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