Influencer Gifting : Benefits And How To Do?

influencer gifting

Over the recent years, a new kind of marketing has taken place on various social media platforms that are quite popular nowadays. Yes, you are right- Influencer marketing. According to VICE, the influencer marketing industry quadrupled in size from 2016 to 2021, therefore it is advisable to reach out to influencers to make your brand a known face. Also, influencer gifting is a great way to endorse your brand, small investment to yield higher profits in the future.

Let’s get familiar with some basic terms and hence look at some best ways and benefits of Influencer gifting on different social media.

What is Influencer product seeding/ Influencer Gifting?


Product seeding

Influencer product seeding is also known as influencer gifting is when the brand gives its products free of cost to a set of Influencers. They, in return, generate content to promote the brand highlighting the key features.

Even if you are new in the market, you can still go for micro Influencers who are pretty easy to communicate and agree on influencer gifting.

Benefits of Influencer gifting | 5 key points

Influencer gifting

• Honest Partnerships for Long Run

For a brand to keep being visible to their target audience, they need to find Influencers who not only resonate with the brand but are also willing to offer content for a longer duration.

Influencers hold the trust and credibility of their followers and they tend to follow their influencers and use the products they use.

By providing influencer gifting with the right product-seeding marketing, you can gain the biggest fans and best partnerships.

• Strengthens Brand Awareness

One of the greatest benefits of Influencer based social media marketing is that it works on providing valuable content that adds to their social media presence also, ensuring value on both sides.

Influencers do word-of-mouth conversations with their followers asking them to use the amazing features of the brand. Brands that give free products to influencers tend to have better Influencer marketing, hence more customers.

• Boosts your Content Strategy

Sharing influencer content smartly helps to bridge the gap of the days you run short of content. Also, you can ask content creators to make content that fulfills the demand of your sales’ techniques. For example– you can ask the influencers to use your tagline in their videos. And when you invest in influencer gifting, the influencers willingly do what you ask them to.

• Cost-effective Influencer Market

Influencer gifting

Influencer gifting is the best way of influencer marketing to increase sales. No need to pay for advertisements. Moreover, no agency fees needed to be paid. Just by influencer gifting, your brand content is visible to a larger target audience but also you can use it for the later surveys, held to know how well your brand is growing in the market.

• Effective reach of Umbrella audience

By sorting the right influencers, your content is served to the people already interested in your niche. You don’t have to spend a hefty sum on surveys to know where your potential customers lie. Instead, brands that give free products to influencers have more power to magnetize the target audience.

You need to look upon the fact that influencer gifting becomes even more significant when you own a startup or struggling with social media marketing.

How to do Influencers gifting effectively? 4 keypoints

Influencer gifting

Now you know the benefits, let us know you can appropriately do influencer gifting-

• Find the right influencer

Find the influencers who will organically use your brand’s products in daily life. After this, you should know the influencers before providing influencer gifting. This can be done by-

• Checking their latest posts
• Investigating their online engagement
• Watch out their profile if they have any indecency or objectionable post/comment/remark

• Connect authentically

Don’t spam their inboxes with your brand policies or the conditions. Instead, appreciate their work and then tell them about your brand statement.

• Send a gift

You might think nobody will deny taking free influencer gifting. However, it may not be the case. You should ask them politely and give influencer gifting notes.

Moreover, you can even offer personalized influencer gifting notes based on the content they usually create. And don’t ask for favors right away, instead wait till they use and like your product.

• Create a good Partnership

After the influencers share your product’s content, here is the point when you can sail off product seeding marketing. This may include full-blown influencer partnerships, including affiliate links, swipe-ups, brand mentions, etc.

How are big brands using Influencer product-seeding marketing?

Influencer gifting

Many notable brands are using product-seeding marketing techniques for multiple benefits. The product seeding marketing not only gives them rich content with good reach but also holds viability for engagement.

The significant points to keep in check for great product seeding marketing are-

• They find the influencers that are suitable for the brands (by checking various factors like kind of followers, content, and vibe)

• They try to maintain a healthy relationship with influencers at a personal level. This way an Influencer feels connected to the brand and works for it with more zeal and honesty. It can be done by influencer gifting notes, a thankyou Influencer gifting note, etc.

Brands that give free products to influencers |Influencer Gifting examples

Let’s have a look at the successful influencer gifting examples-

Wow Skin Science

influenecer gifting

Launched as a health and wellness brand, WOW Skin Science is coming up with affordable natural toxin-free products to create a niche sub-category within personal care.

The reasons why it becomes one of the best influencer gifting examples-

• WOW chose a digital-only medium to target internet-savvy millennials and Gen Z.

• WOW discarded traditional media & chose plenty of micro-influencers & macro-influencers who already had the relevant TG in their fan base on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube. They give free products to them so that they would upload engaging product videos on their channels.


influencer gifting

Zaful is a fashion brand that offers affordable prices on outfits The 2014 formed e-commerce company is a web-based marketplace that allows its buyers and sellers to connect online.

The reasons why it became one of the best influencer gifting examples-

• The powerful campaign named- “ZAFUL Hauls,” where influencers can select an outfit from the store and upload a photo of themselves wearing it on their feed.

• The brand also gives special promo codes to the creator so their fans can save money on purchases.


It is no doubt Influencer gifting is an effective and cost-efficient method to increase your sales, thereby your brand’s profit. You just need to seek influencers who complement your brand’s taste and style. Once you build a good partnership with them, you can eventually have loyal customers as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Influencer gifting

• How to offer products to influencers?

Reach out to a set of Influencers who matches your brand’s personality. This could be done by contacting an agency, or an Influencer specialist. You can even handpick your right influencers but that will be time-consuming.

• How to convince Influencers to promote your products?

These are some points-

  • Offer them your product freebies and ask them to use them. And if they like, they can put the content on social media handles.
  • You can convert your emails into warmer ones by mentioning a piece of content that the influencer had developed. This assures the influencer that your brand is genuine.

• What makes a successful influencer?

  • Find your passion and work on it.
  • Pick the social media platforms that you can utilize the best.
  • Try to add value and uniqueness to your content.
  • Be consistent and go for collaborations
  • Engage with your audience

• Why Influencers are the best medium to advertise products?

Here are some reasons-

  • Quickly build trust with the audience and cater to an audience with similar interests
    Easy to communicate
  • Set trends needed to rule the social media world
  • Best for lead generations

• Which are the brands that give free products to influencers?

Some brands are –

  • Too Faced (Cosmetics brand)
  • Mejuri (Women Accessories’ brand )
  • Colour Pop (makeup brand)
  • Glossier (cosmetic and makeup brand)

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