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Starting a brand new YouTube channel takes creativity and consistency while building a virtual empire needs a lot of YouTube subscribers. If you are one of the enthusiasts who only work-related videos on YouTube as a social media platform, this article is for you. Here are the exemplary and proven ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

Even you opened YouTube to watch only work-related videos but caught yourself binge-watching hours upon hours of even senseless videos. The point here is not to make you feel ashamed but how Youtubers steal the attention. How can you create eye-catching content so that more and more views and subscribers on YouTube?

As we know very well, YouTube is all about subscribers, they are the real king. It is a parameter by which your YouTube channel will be declared successful. The Higher the number of subscribers, the more views and ultimately more money and fame.

Posting your content daily at your optimum time will certainly fetch you more subscribers and engagement. However, there are a lot more tricks and ways to get more YouTube subscribers and outshine in the digital world.

Let’s not delay further and know the ways to get more YouTube subscribers –


Ways to get more Youtube Subscribers

1. Key focus on creating engaging and informative content

How to get views and subscribers on YouTube – the best way to increase your watch time is to keep your content informational and engaging. Make it in a way that urges people to stop and see your video.  Given below are the pro tips to capture the audience in a wider spectrum and unlock the ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

  1. Cover an umbrella topic that specifically covers your target audience
  2. Always preplan your videos so that you don’t run behind the time. And if you feel that the video is too lengthy, cut it into smaller parts.
  3. Put visuals and graphics to your content to make it more attractive.
  4. Always use an interesting hook or a signature style at the starting of your video. Also, prevent a monotonous way, instead add some patterns and different techniques to make it even more entertaining.

2. Optimize your video

When you optimize your video, it tends to rank higher. To make sure that your created content reaches the target audience, you need to add various optimization means like meta description, keyword, hashtags, etc.

Here’s the table to tell what and where should you write-

Where to write

What to write

Title Put the exact keyword in the title
Description Put keywords, timestamps, links, and relevant hashtags
Video tag Thumbnail and transcript of the video

3. Optimize your YouTube Channel

If you think that only optimizing your uploaded videos will gain you ample YouTube subscribers, this could be a red sign for you! How to get free subscribers for your channel – Optimize your YouTube channel as well. These are the easy ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

A YouTube trailer

– of your content, brand, and the kind of videos you post

– an idea of future posts

-your post schedule

Design an interesting outlet

Write a description your channel. The first 100 words should reflect your channel’s idea and must contain a keyword


Organize your playlist

If you have many videos, collect them in separate playlists for easy navigation


4. Give them a binge-worthy experience

All thanks to Netflix that nowadays people have an addiction to watching YouTube videos that are binge-worthy. Creators, you can use this addiction for your benefit and get answers on how to get free subscribers on YouTube! Here’s the secret to creating binge-worthy content –

You can plan a complete series of videos. Then, create a playlist with videos, each not exceeding 5 minutes. This way, they will stick to your channel.  The other way is to post related content, storytelling, or a series in various parts.

Keep in mind that you should create something entertaining and informative so that your audience can enjoy a ‘guilt-free watch’ and they could visit your channel again. These are simple yet effective ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

5. High-Quality Videos

People tend to watch videos that are of a decent quality. If you want to display yourself professionally, make sure the video is of good quality (1080 MP or above). Moreover, record videos without any background noise. To endure this, use promising recording equipment. Also, remember to scan the input volume meter while recording. Fix your video recordings with a tripod and shoot your videos on a horizontal basis. For wider shots, you can choose a clip-on lens. Finally, use high-rated editing applications.

6. Promoting your video on other portals

One of the ways to get more YouTube subscribers is to promote your created video on different platforms. How to get views and subscribers on YouTube – here’s another tip

  • Social Media

While working on YouTube, it will be better to create a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter dedicated to your brand. Whenever you post something on YouTube, just copy the link and paste it on different social media platforms. You will indeed catch a decent amount of subscribers on your channel.

  • Link Building

Find other creators of the same field and try to collaborate with them. You will find what they do to attract their subscribers and you can even get an advantage to learn that. Moreover, you can create a collab-video with the other creator so that his subscribers also knock on the door of your channel.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a loyal fanbase and they can endorse your product in a better way, reaching out wider audience. These are the quickest ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

7. YouTube Advertising- A smart move

After executing the above-mentioned points, it’s time to pick out some money and invest in YouTube advertising.

Promoting your YouTube channel is a good option to increase your fanbase. The internet is full of people and advertising will connect you to a larger set of audience. The best part, you can customize your YouTube Ad that would cover –

  • Display ads

  • Overlay ads

  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads

  • Bumper ads

  • Sponsored cards

These are some of the important ways to get more YouTube subscribers, you can achieve a good number of subscribers but remember that running a YouTube channel is like a marathon, and no achievement is undeserving. To commemorate and enjoy them too to stay inspired and motivated. Sharing your success story can also create a hum around your YouTube channel. People will appreciate your work and you might get free subscribers on YouTube.

FAQs –

Ways to get more Youtube Subscribers


  • How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel through your video. Make small targets like achieving 100-200 followers and plan accordingly. Also, verify your google account to prevent it from cyber theft or hacking. Add a watermark to your video and make it crisp and short. These are the ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

  • How to get free subscribers on YouTube?

Firstly, understand the basics of creating something – YouTube SEO. You need to search the keyword. This will help you to get complete knowledge about search volume, keyword difficulty, and others. You will need some tools for it, I’ll recommend semrush. Find your niche and think from a viewer’s mind and you will probably get an answer and discover different ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

  • How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube?

Remember that YouTube is a global stage, use a multilingual language, preferably English, so to cater wider audience. Also, engage with your viewers by replying to their comments. And create shareable content. And an idea is to build curiosity. The captivating introduction might start with a joke, a fact, a quote, or an interesting story. However, it should not go off-track otherwise people would take it as clickbait. By applying these strategies, you can find ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

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