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Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

Remember the time when you were around a campfire, or talking to your friend, or surrounded by cousins in a night out? What made the vibe and captivated? You guessed it right – stories. We all love stories, regardless of age. Ever thought about how can we use storytelling in social media marketing? How could you impact a larger chunk of the audience using this storytelling on a digital platform?

Since early times, storytelling is a major source of entertainment for different genres of people. This is one of the most captivating facets of human nature. It builds a connection between the storyteller and the listener, thus creating a trust bond as well. Moreover, branding via storytelling can be a decent method to ace in your business field.

This article will tell you what is storytelling method is and the importance of storytelling in social media marketing, examples, and tips to ace the art of storytelling.

So let’s get started!

What is storytelling in social media marketing?

Storytelling in social media marketing


As a marketer, you’re a digital storyteller. It is totally up to how to weave it so that it gives out the right message. You need to create a plot according to your brand that tells more about your brand and creates a good connection.

Storytelling in social media marketing is the process that involves using a mixture of content and digital media to bring our narrative to life. These campaigns may include audio, video, or a combination of audiovisual effects.

The three most widely used storytelling in social media marketing techniques are-

1. Customer-generated stories:

This includes word-of-mouth marketing majorly. Here, you give your existing customers a platform to come and speak about their personal experiences of your brand. This will ensure your potential customers build trust in your brand.

2. Data-focused campaigns:

In this method, you use statistics and data related to your brand. This directly hits your potential prospects and compels them to recognize you as a trustworthy brand.

3. Minis:

You must have heard, sometimes less is more. Short snippets of teasers regarding your brand can be a better capture of your audience and engage the increasingly shorter attention. This kind of branding via social media marketing is gaining wider popularity nowadays.


The Importance of Story Telling in social media marketing

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Let your brand flow

Just like a human, let your brand speak the stories that take place behind the actual scenarios. Pronounce your excitement about the business by which your target audience. This way your potential prospects could connect with a bond.

• Conveying the information

With the help of storytelling, conveying information becomes quite easy. You simply have to mold stories that include information about your brand.

Increases engagement

As you start narrating a story, people get attached and anticipate more. This builds up curiosity, eventually benefitting your brand.


• Create narratives in your recent updates

Sharing photos with a good punch-line, writing a tweet of a few limit lines, and putting up a Facebook / Instagram post grabs the audience’s attention. Including these in your Storytelling techniques in the digital platform will help you to heighten up the brand’s name.

Things to keep in mind before applying storytelling

Storytelling in social media marketing

• Thumb Rule- Know your audience

Before beginning with the idea of storytelling, do good research on your target audience and your potential customers. This process will get you a vivid knowledge of who might be reading, viewing, or listening to your story.

• Define your Prime message

Is your brand storytelling tends to sell a product or raise funds? Initially, ask the question- what is the point of your story? Try to summarise in around 10 -15 words and get your prime message that your brand storytelling would want to display.

• Selection of Story medium wisely

Stories can come in many forms. It depends upon how you want to reflect your brand and what way suits your audience the most. The Branding storytelling can be –

1. A written story– including blogs and Google docs
2. A spoken story– including Ted talk, and podcast.
3. Digital story– media, such as video, animation, interactive stories, and even games.

• Establish your CTA

Once you told your story, what do you want your listeners to do? Do you want them to donate money, subscribe to a newsletter, take a course, or visit a website? Outline this alongside your objectives to make sure they do what you exactly want them to do.


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Brand Story Telling | Real-time examples

1. Nescafe – Start a day

Storytelling on social media


You must have noticed the advertisement for Nescafe, where they show people from different fields starting their day with a cup of Nescafe. It encourages people to begin their day and start afresh, telling stories of many successful people as well. This is impactful storytelling in social media marketing.


2. Dove – Praising the real beauty

Storytelling on social media


In the latest Dove campaigns, the brand used women from different walks of life, doing different jobs and even from different countries, embracing real beauty. The brand switched from using models to real-time women, appreciating the beauty from within. This instantly captured people’s emotions, eventually benefitting the brand.

In these, you can see that Storytelling resonated with the audience and reflected the actual brand.


After analyzing the above factors, you should share your story on different social media handles. If you like help using this storytelling technique for your brand, do contact ankushmehta. in. We have the specialty to uplift your brand’s name via storytelling on digital platforms. Also, we have a special social media storytelling course for those who want to learn the art of storytelling.

What are you waiting for, go and grab your pen (or cursor) and make your brand outshine via Storytelling in social media marketing!


Storytelling in social media

• What is storytelling in social media marketing?

Storytelling via social media means keeping your brand narrative into the story to boost engagement with your brand. This encourages people to learn more, and ultimately buy your products or services.

• Why storytelling is important in media?

Storytelling directly relates to the psychology of people. Keeping your audience engaged is key, and making your media appealing helps people to connect with what you are promoting. And in media, trust-building is a major goal that needs to be achieved.

• How does storytelling apply to modern media?

Storytelling is the future of marketing. Using the right channels to promote brand messages in intelligent ways sets well-thought-out marketing strategies apart from random content. The demand and utilization of intelligent marketing will keep growing, especially among those who are in the media and advertising fields. It’s storytelling that helps businesses succeed in various fields.

• What to avoid in storytelling in social media marketing?

These are a few tips-
1. Show instead of telling: Do not over-explain. Also, incorporate various audiovisual techniques.
2. Keep it brief: Never dig too much, keep it crisp.
3. Stay consistent: Allow your story to start and finish. Let it have an emotional connection without hiccups

• How to do storytelling on Instagram?

As we know that Instagram is a visual communication platform. It is good to incorporate your stories in pictures, however, never forget to write brief captions. Post about your company history, behind-the-scenes, how you do things to build engagement.

• What is the best social media storytelling course?

To learn from the best at a reasonable price, look for digitalchaabi. The experts would help you to learn this art.




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