The Importance of Colors in Advertising | 7 Colors to Increase Sales

Importance of Colors in Advertising

The visuals and appeals to and how a person sees and perpetuates something, greatly depend on the color scheme. The importance of colors in advertising and sales always has an upper hand to increase your brand’s reach. The colors are a meaningful constant for sighted people and it’s a vital psychological tool. by the effects of color psychology, you can send an encouraging or negative message. the importance of colors in branding is so elevated that it can boom your business or even can lead into darkness. What color attract customers? Various marketers use the latest color psychology in all facets of marketing and especially in logo design, website design, the cover of a book, or the packaging design of the product or services. The consumers bring out a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 sec, and the effects of colors in advertising strongly appeal to potential customers to become permanent customers.

In this simple guide, we’ll get into various importance of color in branding, and color symbolism to underline best practices, effects of colors in advertising, and best color for advisement.

What color attracts customers? The 7 best colors for advertising 

1. Red: Exciting, Passionate, sometimes Aggressive

Red is a very emotionally severe color. Red complements human metabolism and raises blood flow in the body. It catches the eye at the very first instant. That is why you can see stop signs, notice signs, and caution boards in red.

Red is the best for advertising to stimulate humans’ actions. For instance, it is the perfect color for ‘purchase now’ or ‘click here’ buttons on net banners and websites. The importance of the color red in advertising is also commonly related to strength, so you can use it whilst promoting energy drinks, games, cars, items associated with sports activities, and excessive physical activity.

For instance – Coca-Cola uses red color to stimulate hunger.

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2. Green – Harmony, freshness, and fertility

Green has extremely good healing energy. Green has the maximum restful coloration for the human eye; it can enrich the vision. The color shows stability and stays strong. Occasionally it denotes loss of enjoyment. In heraldry, green indicates boom and preference.

The importance of color in advertising is to signify safety even as advertising drugs and clinical products. Green is the best color for advertising ‘natural’ products.

For instance –  Himalaya skin and beauty care products use green color to emphasize that the products are natural.

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3. Orange – Creativity, enthusiasm, and hunger

Orange color denotes regularly nice emotions. Orange color is best for advertising that caters to youth and is the specifically common favorite for most of the youths. If you want to create a friendly environment, you can choose orange internet web page templates. Also, you can see your cash turn into valuable interest.
The effect of the color orange in advertising denotes warmness when you want to get a high-quality response from your customers. Many shopping oriented use orange color as it is best to color for advertising shopping products. Moreover, the orange color stimulates hunger. The effect of color in advertising many food chains is significant.

For instance – Swiggy- the food delivery chain uses orange color that helps to stimulate hunger.

Importance of colors in advertising

4. Black – Luxurious, Elegant, and Powerful

Black is mysterious and holds a kind of manipulating strength, depending upon the color it combines with. On its own, black is an authoritative color, carrying a stylish personality. It can also display strength, elegance, boldness, and a sensual effect.
Effect of color in advertising means confirmed vibe to customers, denoting luxury and lavishness.

For instance – The brand logo of ‘Apple’ denotes lavishness.

Importance of colors in advertising


5. White – Purity, Innocence and Cleanliness

White is the symbol of perfection. White can represent an achievement beginning. In heraldry, white depicts religion and purity.

The importance of color in branding and advertising simplicity in high-tech products. Importance of color in branding for charitable companies. Angles are generally imagined sporting white garments. The importance of color in branding relates to hospitals, clinical medical doctors, and fertility. So, white is the best color for advertising safety whilst selling medical products. White is always also the best color for advertising fat-free and dairy products.

For instance – Amul uses white color brand to symbolize pure products.

Importance of colors in advertising


6. Yellow – Cheerful, warm, and serene

In the brightest form, a fresh egg yolk, the clear and vibrant yellow of a flower, or the soft golden glow— yellow represents tenderness, happiness, and composure. Yellow is a very noticeable color which explains why it is used for tennis balls, police tape, security vests, road signs, and school buses.

For instance – Snapchat, the messaging app uses yellow color to denote happiness and cheerfulness.

Importance of colors in advertising


7. Purple – Mystical, Mysterious, Regal

Purple has always been worn by Kings and powerful emperors. This denotes purple color is a symbol of royalty and devotion. Also, Purple is a low-arousal color. The effects of color in advertising can be sensual. Things that impart a sense of luxury and privilege.

For Instance –  Chocolate brand Cadbury uses purple color on its packets to arouse royalty and luxury.

Effects of colors in advertising


The importance of colors in advertising is very prominent. However, keep in mind to choose a proper color scheme and do not add too many colors. Pick a color combination suiting your brand and eye-catching.

FAQs |Importance of colors in advertising

The importance of colors in advertising


What is the best color to use for marketing?

The importance of colors in advertising and marketing affects the physiological factor of humans. And it is necessary to choose the right color according to your brand’s utility. The word ‘Sale’ is always red, and you’ll often find red a popular tie color for consultants and sales marketers.

What the color you choose in your marketing campaign says to customers?

Color serves several purposes in marketing. It associates brands with broader areas industries, drives emotion, and creates subjective cues, it can even quickly influence purchasing decisions.

What are the top 5 colors in marketing?

Marketers have long known the fact that colors have a significant step in buying a product. Specific colors have specific effects so If you are confused that what color attracts customers- You need to check what kind of services you are offering. The influential colors are- red, white, blue, green, and black.

What color stands out in the market?

The temptation with humans differs with different colors. However, the importance of colors in advertising decides the future of a business or a brand. If you want people to pay attention to your brand at the first glance, you should go for Red or Black. These are the dominant colors that hold people to stop and have a look.

How is the color used in marketing?

A study of psychology is called “color psychology”. This deals with the relationship between colors and humans. And it clearly states color affects human mood. So, according to moods, trends, and utilities, the marketers decide colors.

What color website attracts more?

The importance of colors in advertising between 62% and 90% of their inspection is based on color alone. If the importance of colors in advertising is still not understood, you will be a great fault.

Initially consider a proper color scheme accordingly. If you are a solid, customer-friendly company wanting to convey reliability and trust, try to mix blue and brown.

How color is used in marketing and advertising?

When you want to advertise your product, going for a color that can connect to your target audience is very important. If your products are natural go for the green, if it’s trust-building go for blue and likewise choose the colors accordingly.

Which color attracts the most?

According to human psychology, Red color attracts the most.

What is the best color to attract money?

Red color has powerful energy and a great potential to attract money. It signifies life and emits a huge amount of energy.


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What color catches the eye first?

The primary colors – red, green, and yellow catches the eye first.

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