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Ephemeral Marketing

There’s a buzzing term in the world of social media marketing that’s been often ringing in everyone’s ears – ephemeral content. If you are also a confused one and wanted to know what kind of advertising is this, let’s walk through the article.

Ephemeral marketing infers to using content that is only available for a certain period, primarily for 24 hours. It is temporary content that hits into FOMO and prompts an immediate acknowledgment and reaction.

In the following article, we will tell you about the new Ephemeral marketing in detail. We will also know its importance and some great tips of the same!


What is Ephemeral Marketing? Ephemeral meaning

Ephemeral marketing

Since 2016, ephemeral content has become a popular social media technique.
Since it lasts for a brief period (24 hours), the FOMO effect appears, making people hooked and engaged for fear of missing out.

Ephemeral content is any short-lived visual content, video or photo, that has a swift lifespan of 24 hours before automatically vanishes. Nowadays, users can share short-lived content via Stories or Livestream on various portals.

Snapchat was the first to come up with the idea. Now, every leading social media platform have a feature of ‘story’ (an ephemeral marketing strategy)
Ephemeral content is earning more and more popularity at a rapid pace: social media story creation and consumption is up 842% since early 2016, and Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories are growing 15 times sooner than feeds.

Why Ephemeral content is popular nowadays?

Ephemeral marketing

According to Statista.com, Instagram stories had 500 million daily active users, WhatsApp had 450 million, and Snapchat had about 265 million daily active users. This data is enough to display the popularity of short videos.

Millennials and GenZ consume short videos or clips’ contents. They are more interested in short form, visual content with a crisp and quick reading. That’s why stories have become popular as they are short, engaging, and a kind of addictive.

Why Ephemeral Marketing is the need of the Hour?

Ephemeral marketing

• Highly interactive

Compared to other social media features, ephemeral marketing is much more engaging that helps to connect with the brand on a personal level.

Given below are some of the most successful engagement-boosting ephemeral advertising policies-

1. By using branded filters, geo-filters, and other tools to boost user-generated content. Many celebrities use specific stickers and filters according to their genre and ask their fans to use the same.

2. You may ask observers for their opinions or ask them to submit questions by using polls and questions answers.

3. You can entertain your viewers in real-time with the help of live-streaming videos. The fear of missing out on the chance to see a favorite celebrity chatting live draws fans’ attention. Instagram also informs users when people they’re following go live even if they aren’t using the app, a double advantage.

4. For more exposure, you can tag other users and geographies. Some influencers and celebrities prefer hosting an “Instagram live” together to generate even extra views, not to mention the successive followers each account will receive during and after.

• Connects audience with channel

Note that, Ephemeral content only functions if it’s developed for your original platform. It must also be consistent with your brand name and logo. In short, it must cover your marketing strategy.
Matching your overall strategy, the stories must be catchy, fresh and amusing, and entertaining to your followers.

• Boosts Loyalty

Your client’s target market expects clarity and transparency. For your client to retain its brand likeability and visibility, it needs to build a strong reputation.

One of the ways you can boost your ephemeral marketing with ephemeral content is by attracting on about them through audio and video, to the inner workings of your business.

Enabling your audience to witness the culture of your company is a great way to boost brand loyalty.

• Increase Content Volume

A decent ephemeral content strategy will facilitate you to create a greater amount of content with less effort and lower overheads(depending upon your marketing campaign).

Using pictures and rich media such as video, you can get your story in front of your audience shortly.

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What is the best platform for Ephemeral Marketing?

Ephemeral advertising


Although, most of the social media platforms are eligible for ephemeral advertising Instagram is a showstopper!
Instagram stories have almost doubled the fraction of time that people spend on the application form. From a marketing viewpoint, increased user engagement is a good sign. Engaging with your audience is the best way to spread your brand name and the more they pay attention, the better.

The utility features like Stories allows brands to show their other side as well (behind the scene, insides, etc). Keep in mind, your stories need to be authentic and spontaneous.

Moreover, be creative and new. It’s always a good idea to keep your audience interested, so he doesn’t get caught posting the same old stuff every day.


Tips for making better Ephemeral Content 

Ephemeral content


• Maximize the ‘FOMO’

Ephemeral content prospers on our ‘Fear Of Missing Out. The Stories are time-critical, so it’s significant to make your audience feel like you are offering something different and for a limited time.

• Choose relevant content

Is it Diwali? New year? Or any other important day? Choose your content wisely, precisely to a relevant day, and post stuff accordingly. For instance, If it’s Diwali, it would be a good option to put stories related to pre-Diwali preparations and shopping.

• Trust UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) helps to establish authenticity and user engagement. By showcasing your customer’s content, you improve the chances of them interacting with your brand and interaction helps conversions.

• Develop your buzz

Use features like polls, share giveaways, giveaways of people, users and locations, to increase your daily traction. Make the followers engage, and make your story shot and crisp.

Due to mobile compatibility, high engagement rates, and accessible content, the ephemeral marketing trend is in high demand nowadays and will keep flourishing in the future as well. So plan and start now!


Ephemeral marketing

• What are Ephemeral Marketing Examples?

  • Netflix, a popular streaming service uses its Instagram handle efficiently and strategically to attract more audience. It used stories related to polls, the exclusive behind scene, and interactive quizzes to catch more eyeballs.
  • Filter copy uses ephemeral marketing to promote its videos and gain new followers by putting interactive stories on Instagram and Facebook. It also uses live sessions on Instagram very frequently to encourage the ‘FOMO’ Factor.

• What is ephemeral content?

Ephemeral content is any video content that contains video, images, or gifs, that lasts online for 24 hours before their disappearance.


• What is the latest ephemeral marketing trend?

According to recent surveys, Instagram stories are the latest ephemeral marketing trend.


• What does ephemeral content mean?

Ephemeral content means the kind of content that’s impermanent and self-destructs after a fixed time, say 24 hours. The brand uses catchy lines like – ‘Grab now, limited period offer’ and time-bound phrases to create urgency and take advantage of the same.


• What is Ephemeral Storytelling?

Ephemeral storytelling means users can send photos or videos directly to their friends and family or add a snap to their ‘My Story’. Both Snapchat and Instagram stories enable editing before content is added to a story or sent to someone.





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