Why digital marketing is a Great Career to pursue in 2022

Digital Marketing career is a great career

With the technological development and availability of the internet to the people, the digital world has shown higher growth than any other industry. It has now become a necessity to have a smartphone with a good internet connection. As people started looking at digital options more shopping and buying utilities, digital marketing flooded with career opportunities. No wonder why digital marketing is a great career in the prevailing time.

If you are passionate to know benefits of digital marketing career, and why digital marketing career will be the best choice, this article is made for you!
So, let’s get started.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a great y

Digital marketing is referred to as the marketing of products or services using digital technologies via the internet, social media, mobile phones, or any other digital medium.

It caters to the bigger aspect that covers different marketing strategies such as Social Media Marketing, E-mail marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

What is the role of a Digital Marketer?

As Digital Marketing is a great career, the role of digital marketers has increased needing specialized knowledge and skills.
Digital marketers need to deliver creative and profitable digital marketing campaigns for themselves, their clients, or their employers. Digital marketers can be generalists or choose a particular area like social media, SEO, etc.

Skills required for a Good Digital Marketer-


Digital Marketing is a great career only if you know how to tackle SEO and SEM.


To boost your website’s ranking also excel on social media platforms, you need to learn how to make interactive and promotional videos.

Inbound Marketing

It refers to the marketing where you attract customers via content. Digital Marketing is a great career if you learn the art of inbound marketing.

Data Analytics

To run a successful career in Digital Marketing in India, you should know how to comprehend Google analytics and use the insights for betterment.

Why a digital marketing career? The Present and Future of digital marketing career

Digital Marketing is a great career

Digital Marketing is a great career to choose because it is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. In fact, it is one of the few industries that saw growth and profit, even in the pandemic.

Given below shows the increase in salary with respect to experience in digital marketing-

Digital Marketing is a great career



  •  According to LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is the most demanded job with around “86000” vacancies
  • Globally, digital advertising spending in 2018 totaled $283 billion
    Increased to $332 billion by 2021
    And is expected to exceed $500 billion by 2024.

That’s a whopping amount, enough to prove the future of a digital marketing career is quite glorious!

What will be the compensation for Digital Marketers?

Digital Marketing is a great career

The key factor to choosing any career is compensation.

At the initial level, you can earn $50,000-$60,000 in annual salary,
After gaining a few years of knowledge and experience, you can earn $60000 – $80000 or even more.

And Due to the exceeding growth in the digital world, the future of digital marketing career may also see a greater raise.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing career?

Digital Marketing is a great careerGiven below is the list to display why digital marketing is a great career-

Multiple Career path

When you sign up for a digital marketing career, you have the freedom to choose from various fields related to the digital world. It offers multiple career paths including-

  • Web analyst
  • Influencer Marketer
  • Social Media Manager,
  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist,
  • Search Engine Optimization specialist and many more.

No matter if you are a fresh graduate, a working professional changing a career, or a homemaker, digital marketing is open for all.

Tremendous Demand

The demand for digital marketers has surpassed the supply of digital marketers. Various studies showed that almost half of the total vacancies are now calling for digital marketing skills. Hence, starting a career in digital marketing in India, you will not face unemployment.

Global Opportunities

One of the best benefits of a digital marketing career is the presence of global opportunities. You could have a chance to work abroad for those whose who wish to. Those with a Master’s in Digital Marketing can easily tap into the global jobs market and land a good job position.


Digital marketing is a great career because it allows you flexibility. During the pandemic lockdown, we have experienced the necessity of a flexible working environment. A career in digital marketing in India will provide you flexibility with sufficient compensation, which makes it a highly preferable job.

By gaining the required skill set and a vast network, you can also work as a freelancer or branch out with your venture as your future of digital marketing career.

Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing career

Digital Marketing is a great career

No doubt, Digital Marketing is a great career. However, to start a remarkable journey, one must keep in mind these points-

Build your Brand

Digital Marketing is a great career if you work on yourself and make yourself a brand. For example-

  • If you want to start career in social media, make sure your creativity attracts people
    If you are looking to get into copywriting or SEO, start a blog!
  • If you want to be an influencer, get connected with people of similar interests and collaborate with them.

Keep Learning and Stay Up to Date

Digital marketing is a great career if you are willing to learn new things constantly in the field of Digital Marketing. As Digital Market is very dynamic and fresh algorithms and crowd patterns come up and older become obsolete too soon.

Get digital marketing Certification

Nowadays, digital marketing is a great career only if you are certified. Learning Digital Marketing-

  • Allows you to know all the relevant skills and put forward your profile among other candidates in digital marketing interviews.

Which is the best place to learn Digital Marketing?

digital marketing is a great career digital chaabi Academy

DigitalChaabi Academy is the best place to learn digital marketing because-

  •  This course is specially designed for Freshers, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, Business Owners, and Housewives.
  • It has the latest curriculum, Live assignments and gives 100% practical exposure
  •  Very affordable price structure
  • Faculty with more than 10 years of experience

For a demo class, contact now!


As technology is moving at a fast pace, rapid digitalization takes place. Digital Marketing is a great career and asks for the constant demand for skilled professionals. After certifications and relevant skills, no one can hinder your success path!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs for why digital marketing is a great career)

Digital Marketing is a great career

How to start a career in digital marketing in India?

These are basic steps to start a career in digital marketing in India-

  • Research about the relevant terms and trends
  • Get Certifications
  • Start your website
  • Become an SEO expert
  • Apply for Internships

Which field is best in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers different areas one can choose from. According to the current scenario, these two jobs are in high demand-

  • SEO and SEM expert – Works for optimization of brand website’s search engines.
  • Social Media Marketer– Responsible to analyze, plan and execute various programs and posts for different Social Media platforms.

Is Digital Marketing Career overrated?

Looking at the above data, one can not say that the Digital Marketing career is overrated. Actually, Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. A career in this field is fit for the current world, leaving behind the traditional career alternatives.

Why digital marketing career is best?

These are some of the key points-

  • Huge Demand and lesser supplies
  • Job stability
  • Good salary
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Higher Promotion chances
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